Saturday, 24 August 2013

What I Wore on Holiday

Before jetting off to Majorca, I had all my outfits meticulously planned out. I knew what I was going to wear and when I was going to wear it. Here are some of the outfits I wore on holiday.



If your interested in finding out where any of these items came from then please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Guest Post By Poptarts Beauty: Derma V10 BB Cream Review

I am a self confessed bargain budget buyer and Derma V10 are one of my favourite brands because their products are cheap, cheerful and actually work. Their fake tan wipes are an actual life saviour for me and every other product I've ever used of theirs I have loved. This is no different.
Derma V10's BB cream in "light" is a part of the Q10 Innovations range. It is a powerful all in one skin perfection cream which uses effective pigments that help to camouflage skin imperfections, even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
The packaging for this product is pretty plain and to be honest, it looks like a cheap brand - but don't let this put you off! The BB cream itself has an extremely light, non-greasy formula which despite the initial strange colouring of the cream, absorbs quickly and effectively into the skin covering all flaws and giving an almost perfect finish to the face.

Like most BB creams this product also contains SPF 15 which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, so it's perfect to take on holiday with you! Personally, I think that this BB cream is a lot better than most on the market at the moment, it just leaves your skin looking and feel radiant!

Another plus is that all Derma products, including their BB cream are paraben free and aren't tested on animals. That's great because you know that their ingredients are natural/organic and there's no unnecessary chemicals in there that could affect your skin. Plus, nobody wants to wear something that has been tested on a poor, unsuspecting animal! So it's pretty good all around!

I would really recommend this product if you are on a budget. You can buy this BB cream at most Home & Bargains for around £5, or you can get it online from Amazon here (although it costs a little bit more online). It is really worth searching for when you're shopping, I really cannot praise this product enough!

Post written by: Jane Davis @

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer Hair Products: Holiday Edition

With 4 days left until I set off on my first holiday in two years, I've started to think about what toiletries I need to take with me. I've had most of these products for a while as I'm very enthusiastic about my holiday and I just thought I would show what hair products I'm taking with me.

First up I have Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I use this shampoo on a semi-regular basis. My scalp is quite sensitive so I do suffer with some dandruff but I mainly use this shampoo because it is such a good cleansing shampoo. It leaves my hair so clean and free from any other hair products like dry shampoo or hairspray. It also makes my coloured hair super shiny. I've decided to take this shampoo with me in case I burn my scalp and to cleanse my hair of chlorine and sea salt.

Next, I have the John Frieda Sheer Blonder Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo. I have been using this shampoo on and off but haven't noticed much of a difference in my hair. It is a great shampoo and leaves my hair shiny and feeling lovely but other than that, there has been no difference to blondeness of my hair. So why am I taking it with me on holiday? You might be asking. Well as the sun is a natural hair lightener, I thought it would make sense to take this shampoo to help lighten my hair.

For a conditioner I have the Aussie Beach Mate Conditioner. I still haven't tried this product before but it's meant to be great at saving your locks from the ravages of sandy, salty beaches with the help of Australian macadamia nut oil. I can't wait to use this conditioner as I love the Aussie conditioners.

For a hair serum I have the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Sleek and Smooth Serum. I wrote a review for this product recently and you can read it here.

Lastly, I have the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Salt Spray. As you may know, beach waves are so in fashion this summer and salt sprays are a really easy way to get the look without using heat. I'm taking this styling product on holiday so I can get a lovely hair look without damaging my hair by exposing it to more heat after being out in the sun all day.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Suncare: Holiday Edition

For me, living in London, suncare isn't a major part of my life. The weather is usually very bleak all year round and even though you can still catch harmful UV rays through cloudy weather, I tend to only use suncream's in the summer when the sun is out or when I'm on holiday. Prior to my upcoming holiday to Majorca, most of my previous holidays have been with family so getting together all the suncare products was my mums job, but this year I'm going away with just my boyfriend, so it's all up to me.

After doing some research and having previous experience with some suncream's, I pretty much knew what products I wanted to help protect me from the harmful aspects of the sun. First, I got the Garnier Ambre Solaire Protection Spray in High SPF 30. Some of you may think that for a main sun protector SPF 30 is quite low, especially because I'm quite pale, but I assure you that even though I'm quite pale, there is a reason for that. I haven't been on holiday for 2 years so my skin hasn't seem much sun but prior to this 2 year break of bleak UK weather, I was quite tanned. I tan really easily in the sun so don't need a super high SPF. This sun protection boasts of 12 hour moisturisation with advanced UVA and UVB protection with a non-greasy and water resistant formula, but the thing that drew me to buy this sun protector is that its a spray and not a lotion (god, I hate suncream lotions) and not only that but it claims to be sprayable upside down, which is a really cool touch and a slight necessity.

Next up I got the Simple Sun Sensitive Protection Facial Hydrolotion in Medium SPF 25. I got this little beauty back in June and I am so excited to use it. After discovering it whilst looking for a facial suncream for sensitive skin, I knew I had to get it, but being a little broke at the time, I added it to the list of things I wanted for my birthday (not an actual list, more of a mental list). If you've been reading my blog for a while then you will know I am a super fan of Simple products so this won't surprise you. This Simple Facial Hydrolotion is packed full of sunflower goodness which helps fight against premature ageing and contains no perfumes or colours.

For lip protection, I picked up Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care in SPF 20. This product is mainly for my boyfriend than for me as he suffers with burnt lips that blister very regularly, which can be quite painful.

Next up, I got the Hawaiian Tropics Protective Dry Oil Spray in SPF 8. This stuff smells unbelievably amazing, which says a lot coming from me because I'm not a big fan of coconut. Again, this is a spray which makes applying the oil much easier. I will be using this oil later on in the holiday once my skin has got used to the sun but won't be applying it to my face at all. Nothing worse than extra oils on your face.

For skincare after being in the sun, I have the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun which is a soothing aloe gel. Again, this has a gorgeous scent very similar to the oil which is coconut papaya. This after sun lotion boasts 24 hour moisturisation that helps preserve your tan. I didn't realise until I got it but the bottle is actually transparent and the green and white swirls is actually the gel/cream. I think this will be a great after sun and can't wait to use it.

Monday, 5 August 2013

What's In My Bag: Holiday Edition

As of today I'm on my 7 day countdown until I set off on my summer holiday to Majorca. I haven't been on holiday in 2 years so I've been obsessing about going on this holiday since booking it in February. I've more or less got everything I need now and have had them for a while. I've got list after list of things that I'm taking with me and things that I still need to get. I just hope they all fit into my suitcase (ahh!).

For what feels like absolutely ages, I've been trying to find a nice summer bag that can double up as my hand luggage for the aeroplane and as my pool/beach bag. I really struggled to find something that I liked and something that was in my price range. All I knew is that I wanted it to be a tote style bag and brightly coloured. After what felt like days searching the Internet, and almost losing hope, I found this bag on EBay for £18.49 which came in a variety of colours. I immediately noticed that it was a dupe of the Zara large tote, which is absolutely gorgeous, and after deciding that bright pink was the colour for me, I bought it straight away.

The bag is quite large so it fits everything I need, whether it's for the aeroplane or the beach. This 'What's In My Bag' is going to show you what I'm taking with me on the aeroplane rather than the beach, as I've seen a lot of 'What's In My Beach Bag' post and not a lot of aeroplane editions.

So the first thing I think about when packing my bag for the airport is fluffy socks. You might find this weird but whenever I fly, I always wear flip flips or sandals and my feet always get so cold. So I'm taking my Snoopy fluffy socks which I've had for ages and are by far my favourite (love Snoopy!). Next, I'm taking my phone which is the Iphone 4s, mainly for music than anything else. I don't tend to use my phone much on holiday as I think it's nice to give technology like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a break. I'm also taking my camera to take lots of pictures. I've decided to not take my nicer camera as it's a bigger and heavier and I don't want anything to happen to it whilst I'm away. Next, I'm of course taking my purse. Again, I'm not taking my nicer purse which is from Ted Baker as I don't want anything to happen too it so I'm taking my old purse which is a coral purse from River Island.

Also in my bag, I'm taking the holiday necessities which are of course the tickets, flight information and passport. Bit self explanatory so I'm not going to go into them. Next, I'm taking some reading material in the form of a very heavy, hardback book by Dan Brown (who is the writer of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) called The Lost Symbol. I've already started to read this and it's really intriguing. I haven't read the first two books but I've seen the films and I love them so I think this will be a great holiday read for me. I'm also taking the book that follows this called Inferno (hopefully I can get it in paperback though). I'm also taking an array of magazine with me. I'm an avid reader of Cosmo so I will definitely be picking up their September edition shortly beforehand along with some more trashier magazines like OK!, Revel and Heat.

Some other things I'm taking that aren't pictured, are my sunglasses for when I arrive in Majorca and a packet of sweets to suck on when the plane takes off and lands, as my ears always pop. I'm not sure which ones I will get but I'm thinking of maybe getting Cadbury's Eclairs with the chocolate in the middle (yum). I will also be taking a few breakfast bars as the flight out of Gatwick is at 6:05am and if I don't get something in my stomach, I will be very grouchy. You may have noticed that I'm not carrying any make up with me and this is purely because I would rather carry it in my suit case, than risk getting it taken off me because it doesn't follow regulations for whatever reason. This is more of a paranoia thing than anything else. Could you imagine having no make up for an entire holiday?! Disastrous!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this What's In My Bag: Holiday Edition post. I really like seeing what other people are going to take this them on their holiday so if you have a similar post on your blog, be sure to leave it in the comments. Also, in the next 7 days, I will be posting more holiday themed posts so keep your eyes peeled.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Favourites

I don't know about you but I can't believe it's August! Feels like it wasn't too long ago that I was doing my June Favourites. But you won't catch me complaining because I'm off on holiday in 11 days!

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner
This month I have started using Aussie's Miracle Moist Conditioner instead of my Lush American Cream (Review Here). I love trying new conditioners but hate spending the money buying them without knowing if I'll like it or not, so buying small sample size conditioner is a great way to test out new products. I am loving this Miracle Moist Conditioner, the smell is gorgeous and it leaves my hair feeling amazing.
Victoria's Secret Sweet & Flirty Body Mist
It may not look like it in the picture but I have been using this body mist like mad over the passed month! It has a gorgeous smell and make me feel really refreshed every time I use it. I was looking for a body mist for a while for my holiday but most were scents that were too strong and almost perfume like, but I wanted something more refreshing and fruity/sweet, and I'm so glad I found this. I also bought another VS Body Mist and you can see it here.
Charles Worthington Salon At Home Straight & Smooth Serum
I have a review on the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Straight & Smooth Serum here.
Nars Deep Throat Blusher
This is my first ever Nars blusher and I am absolutely in love with it! I will be reviewing this blusher soon so keep your eyes peeled.
Barry M Nail Paint in Coral
This Nail Paint by Barry M takes me back as it was the first ever product I bought from Barry M. It is a gorgeous bright coral colour and is a favourite in my collection. With the weather being amazing recently, I was forced to bring out this beautiful colour and parade it around on my fingers. This colour is perfect for summer and has most definitely been a favourite this month.
Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Peach On The Beach
Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick has been all over the blogosphere. I've seen review after review of this product, so I finally went out and bought one to see if it was worth all the hype and I have to say, it was. I'm loving the colour of this lipstick as it's perfect for summer. I also love how moisturising it is. It applies beautifully and I have been wearing it so much this past month.
What are your July Favourites?