Friday, 2 May 2014

Lee Stafford Hot Shots Self Warming Ash Shampoo Treatment Review


Creating products for every kind of hair issue and style and appearing all over some of my favourite blogs, Lee Stafford's products are quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine among trendy hair products. With the hottest and boldest packaging around, I always manage to find myself drawn to the newest products that sit patiently on the shelf, waiting to be popped into my basket.
I have always favoured having blonde hair compared to my much more boring natural hair colour, but continually find it difficult keeping my blonde hair blonde and not the dreaded yellow that I'm sure most bleachers try to avoid. The Lee Stafford Hot Shot Self Warming Ash Shampoo Treatment for bleached hair contains warming ginger and promises to "knock out brassy, canary yellow tones" and leaving more ashy tones in it's place. In the past, I've used my fair share of shampoos and treatments to help combat yellow hair and have always been sceptical about how well they actually work. So when I picked up the Lee Stafford Hot Shots, I was of course unsure if I would see a difference in my hair, and at £7.49 for three small shots of sparkly, purple treatment (which is a little pricey for what you actually get) I figured it must be worth the price.
The next morning I decided to crack open and capsule and get started with the treatment. It recommends using it every other wash (I guess to help prevent against over treating and ending with grey-ish, lilac hair), and to shampoo your hair prior to using the treatment. Once I managed to get the treatment out of the capsule, which was annoyingly a lot more difficult than anticipated, I applied it mainly to the upper half of my hair, as that's where most of my yellowy tones were. After 20 seconds or so, I started to feel the "heat" which was actually more like a cool sensation which was more pleasant than I was originally expecting. Once the recommended time of 2 minutes was up, I rinsed out the treatment and applied my usual conditioner.
After blow drying my hair, I could see that the results were not mind blowing. I wasn't all of a sudden an ice queen. I did see some difference in the shades of my highlighted hair but there were still elements that were more yellow-toned. After using the remaining Hot Shots over the next four days, it was the same story. But even though the I didn't get the desired effect from the treatment, I had never used a self heating treatment before, so enjoyed trying this product out. I would just like to add, that even though this product didn't work for me, it hasn't deterred me from wanting to try out more of the Lee Stafford hair products as I'm currently using the Lee Stafford Everyday Blonde's Shampoo and loving it.

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